HONOR 70 5G debuted with the first ever Sony IMX800 Image Sensor. One of the kind large sensor size of 1/1.49″. The HONOR Image Engine computational photography platform revolutionizes night photography, bringing you delicate night photos with balanced light and shadow, and pays tribute to the night through innovation. We have already done unboxing for Honor 70, so far we are impressed what this phone offers to the users especially to those who likes to take photography. Watch our video below

A Quantum Leap in Photo quality. The image capabilities of the HONOR 70 5G were redesigned from the ground , bringing a quantum leap in term of quality. The result is computational photography supported by HONOR’s RAW algorithm system and the HONOR Image Engine. Portrait Light Spot Bokeh, Full of Atmosphere In Portrait Mode, the smart background light spot bokeh renders a blurry sense of beauty and fills the background intelligently.

Capable in All Things Big or Small The ultra-wide macro 2-in-1 lens widens your photography perspective, the AI macro intelligently switches to Super Macro Mode when you’re close to an object, diving deep into the world of focus. Whether in Light or Darkness The HDR performance of the rear lens gives an assurance that no matter in bright or dark areas, details are captured in great detailed texture.

Always Stay Illuminated, Whichever Way the Light Goes The HDR effect in the front lens’ portrait mode is deeply optimized, allowing you to shoot freely under any light, keeping the realistic texture of portraits and backgrounds.

Double Excellence, Solo Cut Mode output two videos at the same time, including full view and solo view. Both videos support 1080P HD stream, beauty effect and EIS algorithm, doubling the excellent view.

In Solo Cut Mode, When record video of a selected person without moving your phone (Solo View) with one click. The subject will always be centralized even when moved. Switch focus conveniently to anyone with a tap of a finger to change the focus tracking. The protagonist has left the screen? Not a problem! Not only does it follow the protagonist, it even remembers the protagonist and maintains tracking once they re-enter the screen.

Our Recommendation
Perfomance 91%
Camera Quality 98%
Design 89%
Battery and Charging Speed 91%
Feature and Display 92%

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